We are working with many fighters, and fight teams from all around the UK and unfortunately we can't list everybody. However we'll keep this page up to date and rotate our featured athletes as we achieve deals and secure great relationships with our partners.

Bobby 'The Beast' Burgess - Junior BJJ Champion

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Age: 9 Years Old
Competes in: BJJ (MMA in the near future)
Hometown: Manchester - England
Team(s): Henshall BJJ / Lucio Sergio BJJ / Manchester Top Team 
Key Accolade: Triple NAGA Champion - Germany 2021

At just 9 years of age and around 3 foot tall, you could be forgiven for initially overlooking this little guy, but anyone who takes the time to do a quick Google search will reveal a small library of jaw dropping, explosive and skilled performances that would overshadow most competitors coming even remotely close to his age category, in fact, I know many adults that would love to be able to move on the mats half as well as Bobby does.

Having trained since the age of around 4 years old and given his consistent dominance within the BJJ scene he's appropriately (yet almost ironically given his tiny stature) been nicknamed 'The Beast'. However his accomplishments on the world stage thus far only enforce this; he is an IBJJF English and European champion, a two time World Elite and European champion, a triple NAGA champion and that doesn't even cover half of it... he literally has 45 GOLD medals already, with a current win streak of 37 medals and 2 title belts... and he's looking to make the move into MMA as he gets older too. If you ever wished you had the opportunity to get involved with a future world beater then this is your chance, we believe he is as close to a "sure thing" as you can get in today's trying times.

Deyvon Butlin - Junior Tennis Champion

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Age: 9 Years Old
Competes in: Tennis
Hometown: Huddersfield - England
Team: Thongsbridge Tennis Club / Yorkshire County 
Key Accolades: Competed in placed in 11 LTA Competitions between 2019 to 2021 (4 Golds and 7 Silvers)

You might find yourself asking "Why is Deyvon represented by Sponsorite, an agency that focuses on combat sports and combat sports athletes?" Well the answer to that is simple, we believe he has the potential to become a superstar and world leading talent in the sport of tennis. 

In addition he is the son of ex-professional boxer and combat sports referee 'Big' Andy Butlin, and nephew to UKMMA pioneer, Team Quannum head coach and world renowned commentator, Ian 'M16' Butlin. The kid literally has combat sports royalty blood running through his veins, so why wouldn't we want to help?!

Deyvon started playing tennis in 2019 at Huddersfield Lawn Tennis and Squash Club, he was quickly selected for Yorkshire and scored wins against both Lancashire and Cheshire. Having won several tournaments throughout Britain, and currently training upto 10 hours each week, he is now taken out of school two days a week, as part of the futures programme, at his new club Thongsbridge Tennis Club. He has developed into an exceptionally high level player in his age categories extremely quickly and hopes to be competing at regional then national competitions very soon.

Jake Darbyshire - Junior BJJ Competitor

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Age: 16 Years Old
Competes in: BJJ & MMA (yet to debut)
Hometown: Bury - England
Team: Bury MMA
Key Accolades: Junior Coach at Bury MMA

Jake is a great young lad, just starting out in what we believe could be a long and prosperous journey into the world of martial arts. He's been training for the last year under the expert tutelage of fellow Sponsorite athlete and Bury MMA head coach Jonno Mears. In just one year Jake has has took his place as one of the teams junior coaches, assisting with the development of the local youth in Bury MMA's daily MMA classes, he is proficient in both striking and grappling, and he will be looking to compete in both MMA and BJJ in the future.

Luke Newton - Junior BJJ Competitor

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Age: 15 Years Old
Competes in: BJJ (MMA in the future)
Hometown: Bury - England
Team: Bury MMA
Key Accolades: Competed in SSF6 submission grappling tournament and Junior Coach supporting Jonno Mears at Bury MMA

Luke is a fantastic young athlete in the process of really finding his feet in combat sports, he is training multiple disciplines of MMA six days a week under the tutelage of Jonno Mears at Bury MMA. He is a growing coach himself too, providing support in the kids classes, and all of the kids appreciate him massively and it shows in the way he interacts with them and helps make learning easy. He recently competed in his first BBJ event performed exceptionally well, walking away with an unfortunate draw after an extremely strong and dominant performance over his opponent.

Macie Gaffney - Junior MMA & BJJ Competitor

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Age: 14 Years Old
Competes in: MMA & BJJ
Hometown: Doncaster - England
Team: The Unit MMA
Amateur Record: 2-2-0
Key Accolades: Silver Medalist at Empire / Team England Member

At just 14 years old, Macie is no stranger to combat sports. She's been a loyal and consistent member at The Unit, training under Connor Halliday, since the age of four and spending most of those years developing her stand up game studying kickboxing. She now competes in both MMA and BJJ, is a silver medalist at Empire Grappling and holds the role of Junior Coach at The Unit MMA, she even gets to coach her own classes as well as running fitness sessions for the younger children on the team. Macie considers winning her first MMA fight as her greatest achievement thus far, getting that win meant a lot to her and it has spurred on what could be a complete change in direction for her entire future. In addition qualifying for Team England at the EMMAA after just 9 months of competing has boosted her confidence greatly, definitely one to watch in the future. 

If you know a combat sport athlete who isn't listed and still wish to pursue sponsorships then we may be able to help with that too.